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About us

Gupta Metal Sheets Ltd is an India-based company manufacturing non-ferrous rolled semis since 1989.
Starting in the eighteenth century as Ram Lal Mansukh Rai, we have come along a long way in dealing and manufacturing copper and copper alloy sheets, strips, and foils.

Following the policy of continuous modernization of its facilities to make the best use of the technology to sell the best possible quality along with the services had helped GMSL achieve a sound reputation as well as confidence among the customers.

GMSL had been able to register a land marking increase in both production as well as sales year after year. In the current calender year (2006) GMSL registered a turnover of 900 million. The company is moving towards dazzling future in the world of challenges and competition. We are all set to broken the traditions and creating trends to achieve the landmark.

Quality Control

Our product is basic raw material for a range of industries. The requirement pattern varies in terms of size, specification, quantity and delivery schedule,
We at GMSL strive hard to provide not only the quality material but also provide quality services to the customer. We go at length to access the requirement of the individual customer.

Further integrated quality control system that remains independent of manufacturing ensures only conforming material is permitted to be processed further.

Latest equipments are used for testing different properties of the material. Also continuous monitoring of strip as it progresses assures that all desired parameters are achieved.

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We manufacture a wide range of high quality products that are